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Be Strong. Be Brave.

I’m Kristina, a writer, photographer, artist, and a mom. And someone who is learning to be strong.  And brave.

Sometimes life hits us smack in the face with the unexpected.  An unexpected like no other.  One that leaves us breathless with anxiety, completely unprepared, and scrambling to hold onto whatever shreds of hope that are left.

Can you relate to such an experience?

Struggles have not been unfamiliar to me, like all of us, but on July 24, 2015, my world was shaken to a point of anguish that I hadn’t felt before.  Have you been there?

But I am learning that I am strong and brave.  Stronger than I knew, braver than I thought.

And you are stronger and braver than you thought, too.

Part of becoming strong and brave means that it’s time for me to open up in order to try to help others. It’s time for me to share my voice – a voice of encouragement, authenticity, and bravery –  with others, like myself, who need to be brave. Brave about untangling the way in which depression and anxiety have tangled their tenacious strands throughout our souls, our entire culture.  Brave about the process of going through a very unexpected separation and pending divorce.  Brave about talking what it’s like to reach 40 and realize you still haven’t hit authentic adulthood.  Brave enough to share what it’s like to try to make friends when you’re an introvert. Brave about what it’s like to be homesick, to relocate to places I didn’t want to live in, brave enough to share changes in my mindset that I never expected. Brave enough to share my doubts and struggles with faith and how I am finally learning that God does exist. Brave enough to share the silken threads of grace that have come my way even when such grace looks paltry to others. Brave enough to believe that we can move forward no matter where we are in life, no matter how scared and broken we are.

Sharing our stories, sharing resources, and sharing glimmers of hope can help us be brave and strong.

I’d love for you to join me here at this place so we can journey together.